Mesoestetic Stem Cell Restructurative Serum



Mesoestetic Stem Cell Restructurative Serum is an intensive concentrated restructuring shock treatment. Its aim is to reactivate the renewal of stem cells, protecting and stimulating the dermal and epidermal cells.

Benefits of Mesoestetic Stem Cell Restructurative Serum:

Stimulates collagen & elastin production
Reactivates aged cells
Creates a more youthful appearance

Stem Cell mesoestetic line also introduced a new line of cosmetics designed from plant stem cells and aims to protect the life of existing cells, based on the natural ability to self-repair of the skin. With age our natural cellular renewal process slows down, our cells loose the ability to function effectively and skin becomes thinner, dull, lined and blemishes appear.
Mesoestetics present a revolutionary cosmetic capable of protecting the life of our existing cells and activating their capacity for self-repair. 
Vegetable stem cells reactivate aged cells, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. This technology is encapsulated within Liposomes to favour penetration and optimise results.
This 10% Stem Cell Extract is a powerful starting treatment against cell aging reversing the skin degradation process.
Vitamins A and E in this product also provide the skin with an intensive antioxidant, emulsifying, moisturizing and regenerating action.
How to Use:
Apply the full content of a single dose once a week at night by means of a gentle circular massage until fully absorbed.
Size: 5 x 3ml