Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Antiaging Facial Sun Mist SPF 50+



Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Antiaging Facial Sun Mist SPF 50+
A fresh and light-textured mist to protect skin against UVA, UVB, infrared radiation (IR) and visible light (HEV). This non-oily spray sunscreen can be regularly re-applied throughout the day for continued protection, even on top of makeup.

Benefits of Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Antiaging Body Sun Mist SPF 50+:

Very high protection facial SPF
Fine, fresh & ultra-light textured mist
Can be re-applied on top of makeup
Protects collagen with pro-47 formula
Antioxidant & protective action from Vitamin E
Non-comedogenic (non-pore blocking)

Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Antiaging Facial Sun Mist SPF 50+ contains the optimal combination of physical, biological and chemical filters to provide maximum effectiveness and protection.
This innovative spray mist is non- comedogenic and invisible with a fresh texture that’s immediately absorbed for fast and effective sun protection. Added Vitamin E provides an antioxidant and protective action.
Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Antiaging Facial Sun Mist SPF 50+ is ideal for on-the-go SPF top-ups, keeping skin protected throughout the day. The light and invisible mist can even be used on top of makeup.
Mesoestetic’s Collagen pro-47 formula protects and increases the presence of high quality collagen in the skin for smoother and firmer skin.
How to Use:
Shake before use. Keeps eyes and lips closed during application.
Spray (2mg/ cm2 of skin) at a distance of 5-10cm half an hour before sun exposure to clean, dry skin. Reapply every two hours
Avoid direct contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. In the event of contact, rinse with plenty of water. Do not apply to open wounds and/or in cases of acutely sensitive skin. Keep out of the reach of children.
Size: 60ml
Available for delivery to UK only due to pressurised container.