Mesoestetic Grascontrol Double Effect 20 Ampoule Pack



Increase the use of energy in the body and aid the digestion of fats with Mesoestetic Grascontrol Double Effect.
Mesoestetic Grascontrol Double Effect provides the purifying properties of Artichoke Extract combined with the capacity of L-Carnitine to convert fatty acids into energy. 
Grascontrol Double Effect is a diet complement with a synergic effect, which stimulates the regularity of digestive processes and intestinal movements, while contributing to fat metabolism and increased muscle tone.
Mesoestetic Grascontrol L-Carnitine
Mesoestetic Grascontrol L-Carnitine is a diet supplement, which aids in the transport of fatty acids into the cells, where they are used to obtain energy. Also helping to mobilise tissue fats and stimulate their correct use.
Mesoestetic Grascontrol Artichoke Extract
This food supplement is the perfect product to facilitate the digestive processes helping to aid with intestinal gas, indigestion, bloating, cramping and nausea.
The active ingredients of plant and marine origin provide the body with cleansing, diuretic and oil regulating properties.

Benefits of Mesoestetic Grascontrol Double Effect:

Increase the use of energy in the body, aiding in the digestion of fats
Aids in the purifying processes, stimulating intestinal movements & digestive functions
Products a feeling of increased energy, while reducing the sensation of hunger.

How to use:
2 ampoules of each should be diluted in 1.5 litres of water and drank throughout the day. 
The carnitine ampoules in particular are recommended to be taken half an hour before exercise.
Size: 20 x 5ml
Ingredients: Please see individual listings for ingredients.