Mesoestetic Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream



Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream is an extremely effective cream designed to reduce hyperpigmentation. This treatment helps to restore radiance and clarity by softly removing uneven pigmentation.
Benefits of Mesoestetic Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream:

An effective skin depigmentation cream
Reduces (or in some cases, eradicates) the appearance of dark spots
Creates an even skin tone and improves luminosity
Antioxidants protect against harmful free radicals
Suitable for use on all types of hyperpigmentation
Suitable for all skin types

Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream is an effective depigmentation cream that contains a blend of potent active ingredients that work together to brighten the skin on the face and other areas that have been exposed to the sun. Following the in-clinic treatment, with regular and continued use, the appearance of dark spots is dramatically improved.
This hyperpigmentation treatment works by preventing the synthesis of melanin, inhibiting the production for so long that the skin continues its natural regeneration process; shedding away the top layers of the skin and taking the pigmented areas with them.
Dermamelan can be used on its own at home as part of your skincare regime as a preventative, or as a maintenance cream following the in-clinic Dermamelan treatment.
Dermamelan contains a higher dosage of active ingredients than the Cosmelan cream.
Important information:
Please note: the use of Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream, with its highly active ingredients, will cause skin redness and irritation in the initial stages and therefore the skin should be well prepped before use of this product begins. This helps to minimise possible adverse reactions and helps to optimise results. The use of Mesoestetic De-Pigmentation Skin Preparation Kit is required and should be used consistently for 15 days prior to treatment.

This product MUST be used with Mesoestetic products only: Mesoestetic Hydra Milk Cleanser, Mesoestetic Hydra-Vital Factor K,  Mesoestetic Melan Recovery, Mesoestetic Fast Skin Repair and Mesoestetic Ultimate W+ Range. Using products not tested to use alongside or from other brands may lead to reactions and interfere with results.
It is very important to wear a high SPF whilst using Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream – we recommend Mesoestetic Moisturising Sun Protection, Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Melan SPF 130+ Pigment Control and Mesoestetic Mesoprotech Light Water Antiaging Veil

How to use:
Instructions for use after in-clinic Dermamelan Treatment: Treatment Programme
Always follow the advice of your practitioner as the following are general guidelines and your programme may be altered specifically to your needs.

Apply Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream directly over the entire face, three times a day (morning, midday and night), during the first four weeks (1st month).
From the fifth week (2nd and 3rd months), Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream should be applied two times a day (morning and night), for eight weeks.
Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream is used from week 13 (3rd month), continuing application once a day (at night), generally for a period of six months based on the obtained depigmentation results.
The use of a broad-spectrum sun protection is mandatory during Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream usage. Not using sun protection reduces or invalidates the effectiveness of the product.

Instructions for use if you have NOT had in-clinic Dermamelan Treatment: Maintenance Programme

Apply Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream directly over the entire face, once a day (at night), continually monitoring skin’s progress.
When using Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream, broad-spectrum SPF should be worn every day and re-applied throughout the day.
The use of a broad-spectrum sun protection is mandatory during Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream usage. Not using sun protection reduces or invalidates the effectiveness of the product.

Mesoestetic Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream is NOT suitable for use during pregnancy or breast-feeding.
Size: 30g
Due to the ever-increasing amount of fake Dermamelan products being sold online, Mesoestetic (the manufacturer) have redesigned the Dermamelan Treatment Maintenance Cream packaging.