Mesoestetic Anti-Stress Face Mask



Whether you choose to use Mesoestetic Anti-Stress Face Mask as a 10-minute mask or overnight treatment, the soothing and repairing action is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. The mask works to reduce irritation, redness and swelling, making it perfect for congested skin types, skin that has been exposed to extreme weather conditions and even to calm skin after in-clinic procedures such as microneedling.
Benefits of Mesoestetic Anti-Stress Face Mask:

Soothing, calming & repairing
Formulated with anti-inflammatory ingredients
Purifies whilst also nourishing skin
Ideal for congested skin types & skin that has been exposed to extreme weather conditions
Soothes irritations, redness & swelling

Formulated to be suitable for all skin types, including even the most sensitive of skins, Mesoestetic Anti-Stress Face Mask soothes and repairs skin with a combination of anti-inflammatory, decongestant and antioxidant-rich ingredients.
This mask can be used in any skincare routine, whether you suffer from post-acne redness, inflammatory skin concerns such as rosacea or if you’ve simply been exposed to too much sun or a bracing cold winter, Anti-Stress Face Mask delivers a highly soothing, moisturising and calming action.
Sunflower Oil contains Linoleic Acid and Liposoluble Vitamins to deliver a powerful antioxidant action and fight against environment stressors with its emulsifying action.
Aloe Vera soothes redness and provides anti-inflammatory action. Pot Marigold Extract offers soothing and anti-aggression whilst also reinforcing skin’s defence barrier. Finally, ChamomileExtract calms and soothes red, irritated or swollen skin.
How to use: 
Mesoestetic Anti-Stress Face Mask can be used as a mask or an overnight treatment.
Apply a thick layer over clean skin. After 10 minutes, remove with water.
Or apply a thin layer as an overnight treatment mask and remove any remaining residue the following morning.
Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes. In case of accidental contact, wash thoroughly with water.
Size: 100ml