A, C & E Oil

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A, C & E Oil is a very light dry oil that absorbs and nourishes deep into the skin. Please note due to the nature of the active ingredients Environ is a consultation only product, therefore if you would like to purchase products please register and fill out our online consultation form or call for advice and to order products.

BENEFITS: AVST face and body oil contains maximum doses of Vitamin A,C, E and Antioxidants that will repair, rejuvenate and nourish the skin leaving it feeling hydrated and more youthful. Can be used both on the face and body. Perfect for- Body Scarring Stretch marks Pigmentation/ Age spots Dry skins Breakouts Photodamage Face Breakouts Rosacea Dry skins ( once acclimatised to AVST 5).

HOW TO USE: Face Breakouts or Rosacea use a small amount  A.M. and P.M. until the condition is under control and then progress to AVST 5 Can be used as an extra for dry skins or ageing when you are acclimatised to AVST 5 Body Apply a small amount to the whole body daily, can be used A.M. and P.M. Apply Rad SPF15 over the top to sun exposed areas. Can progress to Enhanced Body oil after 2 bottles for particular stubborn concerns salud-hombres.com.