Laser Nail Fungus Treatment

We at Luxurious Beauty Boutique believe we have found the most effective treatment for nail fungus that will quickly and safely deal with the root cause of the condition. We use the innovative Alma Harmony XL Pro Laser, which combines two clinically-proven light-based technologies:

  • Q-switched Nd:Yag
  • Long-pulsed Nd:Yag

The Laser targets the source of the infection under the nail plate, clearing the nail fungus in a few, short treatment sessions.

Nail fungus is a difficult-to-treat fungal infection of the finger or toe nails. With traditional treatments such as medications and topical creams showing only limited success, Alma Lasers opens up new possibilities with a selection of clinically proven laser and light-based solutions.

These breakthrough treatments target the source of the infection beneath the nail plate, clearing nail fungus within a few short treatment sessions.

Nail Fungus Treatment per nail80
Nail Fungus Treatment per 2 nails zithromax pris98