Vitamin B12 Injections @luxuriousbeautyboutique and why it is important

Vitamin B12 Injection:

What are the possible benefits?

• Improved energy and stamina

• Improved sleep quality and duration

• Higher metabolism

• Improved mental clarity

• Balanced immune system

How often can I do the injections?

• Vitamin B12 shots are the most effective when taken at regular intervals. We recommend once weekly for 4 weeks, followed by once a month. A regular injection schedule can be individualized.

• Only takes a few minutes.

Facts about Vitamin B12

• Aging means we absorb less Vitamin B12 from food. It is estimated 85% of us come up short of the necessary B12 from our diet.

• Absorption of B12 in food requires a substance from our stomachs called intrinsic factor, the production of which decreases with age. The American College of Physicians assumes that no one has intrinsic factor past age 70.

• People with chronic fatigue or anemia require regular injections of vitamin B12 because the oral form is unreliable. Side effects and warnings

• Some redness and swelling at the injection site may occur and should begin to clear up within 48 hours.

• Vitamin B12 is safe for most people. However, pregnant or lactating women should speak to their doctor prior to starting a B12 regiment.

• Sensitivity to cobalt and/or Vitamin B12 is a contraindication

• Clients with chronic liver and/or kidney dysfunction, Leber’s disease (hereditary eye disease) or abnormal red blood cells (megaloblastic anemia) should not take frequent B12 injections.