Lycon Precision Waxing System is the world leader in waxing technologies. We use only best – Lycon wax popular in world best salons, Lycon was established in 1987 and enjoys a well deserved international reputation. With Lycon nurturing and conditioning waxed not only will all hair be removed but hair growth becomes finer,softer and last up to 8 weeks. With the LYCON system we can offer you the very highest quality in professional waxing products. All products are formulated using the finest natural resins, bees wax and sensuous aromatherapy oils. LYCON is the professional’s choice in quality hot wax.

Made with 100% natural wax and essential oils LYCON is the fast taking the beauty industry by storm, the celebrity choice for hair removal. The LYCON hot wax pre-waxing oil applied before the wax creates a barrier between the skin and the wax, this means the wax is not being pulled with the skin, which is what hurts, it is only gripping to the hair. LYCON wax shrink wraps around each hair as it dries, this enables the hair to be removed from the root, therefore not breaking the hair and leaving very smooth skin, with the longest possible re-growth period.


  • Half Back £12
  • Full Back £27
  • Chest £22
  • Underarms £12
  • Stomach £20

Half legs, Bikini Line/Higher Bikini Line & Underarms £40
Half legs, Brazilian/Hollywood & Underarms £65
Full legs, Bikini Line/Higher Bikini Line & Underarms £50
Full legs, Brazillian/Holywood & Underams £75

Eyebrow Shape £12
Brow Shape & Upper Lip £17
Upper Lip £8   Chin Area£8
Whole Face £30
Underarms £12
Bikini £14

Higher Bikini – £20
Brazilian £36
Hollywood £40
Full Legs £26
Half Legs £16
Full Arm £20
Half Arm £14