Designed to give you deliciously soft feet, perfectly manicured nails, and professionally painted nails, classic pedicure or Luxury Pedicure is a relaxing and soothing treatment that will transform your feet and toes in time for summer or a special occasion.

Your treatment starts with exfoliation and hard skin removal, before we shape and file your nails, and massage your feet and lower legs with one of our fragrant aromatherapy essentials oils. Once you are completely relaxed, we will apply a moisturising foot mask and heated booties, and leave you to unwind in our beautiful salon while the mask works its magic. Finally, we will apply a coat of our salon professional nail polish or OPI gel polish in the colour of your choice. 45 minutes of pure bliss starts right here!


Pedicure – £25
French pedicure – £28
Luxury pedicure with paraffin wax & mini massage – £34
Luxury french pedicure 38 File & polish – £10